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([personal profile] mschaos Jun. 5th, 2012 01:40 pm)
I just cannot believe some people sometimes

today is an election. and as this is my privilege, I went to the polls first thing which my iphone full of notes so I could be quick as possible.

granted, I was never so organized in the past. and I also never really researched candidates that well (after all, they are often all the same). I admit that I have just gone along with party lines for the most part

but as there are always various measures being voted on even if I hate everyone who is running, I DO want my vote counted on various measures, taxes, and things happening with my local community and my state.

I reminded folks on facespace and G+ to go vote and I had one person tell me they never voted ever (and yes they are a citizen) and another tell me that they 'don't like the choice they are presented with' and another person tell me that government only works for big business so why bother.

I think back to propsition 8 and perhaps if more folks actually voted, folks I love would have the same rights as me

Then I see things like this, where the Senate blocked equal pay for women who do the same job as men as it would burden the business owners and I think HOW CAN YOU NOT VOTE PEOPLE???? 

WE put those people in office. if you voted or didn't, you made a choice (and not voting is absolutely a choice) and that choice helped decide who represents us. perhaps if more folks went to the polls we would have better government that represents us. instead most folks care more about the latest reality TV show 

sad bun bun is sad with all the apathy



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